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A Walking Shadow by Gary Bolick

Unsolicited Press
$17.00, paperback
ISBN: 978-1-947021-49-5
October, 2018
Fiction: Literary / Speculative
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Ever play chess with your shadow?

Is it true? Do we whittle down our lovers in an attempt to find a clearer picture of how we, ourselves, connect to the universe?

Eight billion separate universes walking the earth. Is it possible to ever feel, touch or understand anything outside of your own?

After walking away from a horrific car accident, untouched, Jonas Bellingham Ayre sells his business, divorces his wife, and moves to the desert. It is there, in the desert searching for answers, that his his shadow, steps out and becomes a taunting foil. Months pass and still no answers. A burlap sack is thrown out from a passing train. Inside the sack, Jonas discovers and nurses back to health, Eva, an abused, near-dead woman, who in return, helps Jonas find redemption and a measure of peace as he becomes the moving force in reuniting Eva with her daughter.

Gary Bolick was born and raised in Winston-Salem/Clemmons. Lived and studied in Paris for a year before graduating from Wake Forest University. It was at Wake that Bolick enjoyed the privilege of studying under and being mentored by world renowned critic and scholar Germaine Bree. While living in Paris, he was able to secure the first translation into French of antiquity's greatest alchemist: Jabir ibn Hayyan. His Book of Sixty-Nine Treatises, at that time, had no English translation. His study of the French language and literature suddenly had a more interesting purpose. Jabir and alchemy are two of the central themes in Bolick's novel that channel into and include a tip of the hat to Carl Jung and his master work Psychology and Alchemy. Jung demonstrated that science and religion were on an ever-widening, divergent paths, but the alchemists were the only group attempting to bridge the two disciplines. The battle of the conscious and the unconscious attempting to find balance: Jonas and his shadow, dueling out in the desert.

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