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Everywhere Stories: Short Fiction From a Small Planet - Vol III edited by Clifford Garstang

Press 53
$19.95, paperback
ISBN: 978-1-941209-87-5
October, 2018
Fiction: Short Story Anthology
Available from your local bookstore or

In Volume I of Everywhere Stories: Short Fiction from a Small Planet, we discovered that it’s a dangerous world.

In Volume II, we concluded that it’s also a mysterious world.

Now the world’s no less mysterious, and it’s still as dangerous as ever, but it’s also filled with adventure! Our twenty stories in Volume III take us on an expedition in Australia’s outback, to a discovery on the steppes of Mongolia, and a leap of faith on the coast of Croatia. We come upon an American boy exploring Saudi Arabia, a war veteran dealing with his past in Finland, and a political dissident who vanishes in Chile. With fictions on every continent, we take readers to places they might not otherwise see. We hope you will join us on this great adventure!

Contributor Deonna Kelli Sayed is an internationally published author, a storyteller, and an award winning podcast producer. She is the membership moordinator for the NCWN. She writes from Greensboro with a global perspective in mind.

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