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Relic and Myth by Jeanne Julian

Prolific Press
$8.95, paperback
ISBN: 978-1-63275-154-6
November, 2018
Available from the publisher

"In the titular poem, a Medusa pendant turns into fact and artifact, muse and meditation on life that is both bitter and sweet. Julian becomes both creator and curator of this magnificently compiled museum, in which we as readers wander from room to room, in search of that place where we can linger."
—Deborah H. Doolittle, author of Floribunda

This collection includes narratives involving such characters as an 11-year-old diarist, a transplant patient, and a hip-hop princess. The poems have an American feel, as they move from a Native American pueblo to the nation’s capital to a Southern quilt show. This journey allows the reader to share in the transformative experience of creating meaning. The simplest things—a coin, a daffodil bulb, a pendant on an old woman’s necklace—become sources of rethinking. (Is this how religion is born?) A shadow of aging and mortality deepens the book—like the ticking clock marking time in the artist’s studio, filled with dusty objects meant to inspire—but its touches of whimsy keep the darkness at bay.

Jeanne Julian is the author of the chapbook Blossom and Loss (Longleaf Press). Her poems appear in Prairie Wolf Press Review, Poetry Quarterly, Lascaux Prize 2016 Anthology, High Desert Journal, North Carolina Literary Review, and other journals, and have won awards from The Comstock Review, Naugatuck River Review, and The North Carolina Poetry Society. She grew up in Ohio, graduated from Allegheny College, and earned an MFA from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. After retiring from a career in higher education administration in Massachusetts, Jeanne moved with her husband to New Bern. She is involved with Carteret Writers, Pamlico Writers Group, and The Nexus Poets' open mic series, and regularly writes poetry book reviews for The Main Street Rag:

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