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Diving Horses by Leah S. Jones

Leah S. Jones
$15.00, paperback
ISBN: 978-0-578-40479-0
November, 2018
Fiction: Women's
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A gripping coming-of-age journey that is an ode to North Carolina.

North Carolina, 1983.

Following her mother’s suicide, eighteen-year-old E’lise Monroe finds herself alone and chasing secrets in the mysterious American South. Led by an unexplained inscription in a book that belonged to her mother, E’lise embarks on a journey to a historic bookstore in Chapel Hill, where she meets the eccentric and strangely familiar Cheryl Westmoore.

As the message in the book leads her further into her family’s dark history, a complicated tale emerges, and E’lise finds herself immersed in a world she never expected. In the company of the enigmatic Adrian Evers, at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, she begins to find herself in the freedom of an unorthodox life where a leaning cabin stands, and a whispering legend of magic and promise lingers in the air.

Diving Horses weaves together a colorful tapestry of characters while beautifully unraveling the web of the past, revealing the true (and often unseen) significance of family and forgiveness.

Leah S. Jones was raised in Durham and spent summers exploring the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. She received her bachelor's in history to follow her love for reviving forgotten stories and empowering women, which are central themes to her writing. Shortly after receiving her MPA, Leah took on writing full-time.


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