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Dream Take Flight: An Unconventional Journey by Lisa Turner

Turner Creek
$27.99, hardcover / $14.99, paperback / $3.99, e-book
ISBN: 978-0-997072341
May, 2019
Nonfiction: Biography / Aviation
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"A well-written story of perseverance in the pursuit of flight! Turner shares her life-long motivation to build and fly, showing us all that the dream is worth chasing."
—Paul Dye, NASA Lead Flight Director, Space Shuttle Operations; Editor in Chief, Kitplanes Magazine

"Anyone who's ever had doubts about whether they can make their dreams come true should read this book. Dream Take Flight is a story about overcoming daunting odds to achieve the near impossible: A young girl in a difficult family situation, facing a scary world and uncertain future, makes up her mind that someday she will fly her own plane. It's not an easy path. On her own, she faces one challenge after another. But she perseveres, and in the end, not only does she fly her own plane, she actually builds it. Then she sets out on an epic solo flight. A tale of courage, iron will and pure grit, LisaTurner's journey from dream to reality does not disappoint. It's the great American story with a twist, and an inspiration to young people -- especially young women-- everywhere."
—Granville Toogood, bestselling author of six books, winner of the 2017 McGraw-Hill Classics Special Edition award, a former NBC Today Show News producer, Life Magazine writer, speaker, and top executive coach

"This charming, fast-moving book Dream Take Flight is full of ideas, insights, and inspirations that will take you to a higher plane of thinking. "
—Brian Tracy, author of over 70 books and the Psychology of Achievement program, all bestsellers sold across the globe in twenty-eight languages.

A Shy Girl Breaks the Rules

Refusing to follow the traditional career path for girls, Lisa Turner sets out to fulfill a promise she makes to her dying mother, disrupting the status quo every step of the way. When Lisa decides to build an airplane in the garage, her family thinks she has gone too far . . .

Everyone has a story. Everyone has a book in them. Stories are what make us wonderfully human. In the telling, we remind others that they are not alone, and we remind ourselves that we can experience great leaps of insight reaching for a goal.

Lisa started writing Dream Take Flight in 1998. It began as a book about the joy of building and flying a homebuilt aircraft and piloting it on an epic solo flight. But she soon realized that it wasn't complete without the backstory of an unconventional childhood and a promise to her mother.

Growing up in a neighborhood of boys, Lisa never understood why she couldn't take shop class, be a mechanic, or build an airplane. In the 1960s these were not expected activities for a girl. It took guts and persistence for a shy girl to break out of the norms and participate in non-traditional pursuits.

The entire journey was life changing. Lisa wrote Dream Take Flight hoping that others would be inspired to pursue their own big goal. To that end, the last several chapters take the reader through a step-by-step process to achieve their dream, with hints, tips, and tricks to get there.

Why you'll love this book:

  • It's a fun, inspirational story about the pursuit of confidence and happiness
  • The book breaks with convention by including a how-to section on goal setting
  • Lisa offers a companion guide and other free materials on her web site, Dream Take Flight

Lisa grew up taking things apart and playing with the boys. After graduating from college, she started a bicycle shop, attended night school for an engineering degree, and took on odd jobs in residential and commercial construction.

In 2006, Lisa started Your Achievement Coach, a coaching and teaching practice that focused on delivering planning skills to people wanting to reach their goals. Lisa believed that whether it was starting a business, writing a book, or building an airplane, developing the skills of disciplined goal setting could get you there. Lisa said to her clients, “Shine the light of possibility on your dream, and it will leap to action.”

Lisa has worked for thtree major U.S. corporations at the executive level, most notably as Chief Training Officer for Tyco Fire and Security Services in Boca Raton, Florida, in the early 2000s. She was certified as an ASQ Six Sigma Black Belt and Quality Engineer; she holds a 50-ton coast guard captain's license, a private pilot license, an FAA airframe and powerplant license (A&P), and FAA Light Sport Repair Certificate Instructor certification. She was the first woman to qualify as an AB-DAR, or Amateur-Built Designated Airworthiness Representative for the FAA. Lisa is a member and volunteer for the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association).

Lisa is now a freelance columnist for Sport Aviation and KITPLANES magazines. She is also the home improvement columnist for the Clay County Progress, the local newspaper in Hayesville, North Carolina. She is a licensed general contractor and home inspector.

Lisa holds degrees in engineering (A.S.), English (B.A.), business (M.B.A.), and science (Sc.D.). She is an engineer in the aerospace field and is an admitted gadget geek.

Lisa’s first published book is the Team Steps Guide: A Step by Step Process to Turn Problems into Solutions (2015) available on Amazon. This book is a result of Lisa’s experience working with employee teams. From quality circles to Total Quality Management to Lean Manufacturing, Lisa has researched the simplest ways to deliver results in the form of profits and innovation to companies wanting to get ahead of the competition.

Lisa's second book is House Keys: The Essential Homeowner's Guide (2017). In over 400 pages of succinct how to, Lisa tells us the tips and tricks that only a home inspector would know.

Lisa's next book will be a biography of Jerry Stadtmiller, a craftsman who restores antique airplanes.

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