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A Green Bough: Poems for Renewal by Nancy Corson Carter

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$16.00, paperback
ISBN: 978-1-5326-9144-7
August, 2019
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"A Green Bough is a clutch of poems offered as nurture for our appreciation of nature. Here, wonder and imagination, praise and celebration, meet. This is the poetry of witness and joy offered by a poet who has understood the interconnections of the natural world. Rivers and trees, flowers and lizards, bluebirds and mountains all appear, giving delight and renewing the reader's understanding and gratitude."
—Dana Greene, Oxford College of Emory University

"Nancy Carter's book is a very welcoming invitation to see the world through her lenses. We are invited to join her in her capacity for beauty, joy, the ecstatic, the erotic, and the humorous. Her awareness of hope and her love of nature are tempered by her sensitivity to all that endangers our world—but never without a vision of possibilities. This book both comforts us and awakens us to the magnificent gift of life."
—Carol Ochs, Simmons University, author of seven books including Reaching Godward

"The subtitle of Nancy Carter's delicate and brilliant new book is Poems for Renewal, and this is a title that fulfills its promise. These are difficult times, but A Green Bough...will leave the reader feeling refreshed, almost hopeful, as these poems present a world seen vividly, clearly, and worth loving deeply....This is uplifting poetry, religious in the best sense of the word."
—Peter Meinke, Poet Laureate of Florida

"I write of ladybugs, triggerfish, and magpies, of holy moments in such places as Iona, Scotland, the Rockies, Florida, North Carolina, and my own households. I consider the loss of Miss Waldron’s Red Colobus, a warning from Inuit goddess Sedna, and war’s tragedy in Iraq.

"My work has roots nourished by growing up with a farming and gardening family in the Susquehanna Valley of Pennsylvania, teaching and learning with my students and colleagues at Eckerd College, being a member of the Shalem Society for Contemplative Leadership, and participating in Presbyterians for Earth Care and other eco-justice ministries.

"My poetic quest is to hold in tension the opposites of a celebration of the natural world and, in a time of great destruction, a call for its repair. I intend to evoke a saving love for the bodymindspirit of this amazing planet that is our home."
—Nancy Corson Carter

Nancy Corson Carter, Ph.D, Professor Emerita of Humanities at Eckerd College, has published two poetry books, Dragon Poems and The Sourdough Dream Kit, and three poetry chapbooks. Some of her poems, drawings, and photos appear in her nonfiction book, Martha, Mary, and Jesus: Weaving Action and Contemplation in Daily Life and in her recent memoir, The Never-Quite-Ending War: a WWII GI Daughter’s Stories. She and her husband live in Chapel Hill.

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