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A Blue Moon & Other Murmurs of the Heart by Anne M. Anthony

Anchala Studios, LLC
$15.00, paperback
ISBN: 978-0-578521114
September, 2019
Fiction: Short Stories
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"In her short story, 'Tulip Tree,' Anne Anthony combines all the classic elements of a ghost story with a rare ability to draw readers into believing the unbelievable. As someone familiar with the Dorthea Dix property in North Carolina, I'm delighted by how deftly she conveys its history without weighing down her readers and keeping their interest. It's truly a great story."
—Val McEwen, editor, The Dead Mule School for Southern Literature

"'Type a Little Faster' is a tender story about a small-town girl with the big dream of one day running an office at a time when an 'accomplished' woman typed for male bosses. With grace and skill, Anne Anthony aptly reminds us to reach from the heart even before others believe its possibility."
—La Rhonda Crosby-Johnson, writer and co-owner of Ideate Publishing, LLC

"'A Blue Moon' is both magical and haunting, mesmerizing readers with beautiful and elegant prose...Anne Anthony's masterful voice achieves a terrifying clarity that's simply unforgettable."
—Scott Waldyn, Editor, Literary Orphans

Discover the Extraordinary in Ordinary Lives

The power of this short story collection, A Blue Moon and Other Murmurs of the Heart, lies in Anne Anthony's placement of her characters in ordinary settings—home, school, work, church, synagogue—and leading her reader to unexpected endings which echo long past the story's final line. She balances everyday circumstances with slice-of-life narratives to reveal extraordinary moments. The title story, "A Blue Moon," both magical and haunting, mesmerizes with its beautiful and elegant prose. Humor bumps up against the tragic in her stories, "Much Better," "Blind Date," "I Bought Bernie's Sofa," and "Cooper," while offering a glimpse into the hearts of those thrust into familiar situations but who experience unexpected outcomes.

Transported back to simpler days, her stories resonate with childlike wonder and heartfelt disappointment. "Type a Little Faster," a tender story about a small-town girl with a big dream, and "Every Star Has a Story," are both coming-of-age tales addressing youthful desires, identity, and acceptance. In "Gabriella," a church-going woman rediscovers her humanity when faced with the fallout of inhumane acts. In all of her stories, Anne Anthony, with grace and skill, gently reminds us to keep reaching from the heart.

Anne Anthony credits her steady diet of comic books for her ardent belief in superpowers. Her gritty, tender, and amusing stories feature compelling, but flawed humans with bursts of superhero traits. She delights in unmasking the extraordinary in the ordinary downward (and upward) spirals of life. Her career spans the fields of social work, technical writing, clinical law school education, and software project and program management.

Her fiction, essays, and poetry have been published in StoryNews, Prime Magazine, A Quiet Courage, Tell Us A Story, Glass Mountain, Blue Heron Review, The North Carolina Literary Review, Poetry South, and other literary journals.

She lives in Carrboro, North Carolina, with her husband and her feisty dog, Clara.

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