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Giants by Russell Hatler

$14.99, paperback / $2.99, e-book
ISBN: 978-0-359838813
August, 2019
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Russell Hatler's tenth novel, Giants, is set in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. It tells the story of a brave, resilient people reeling from the wrath of Mother Nature while struggling to survive the machinations of political chicanery. It's also the tale of a young man's treacherous journey from adolescent angst to responsible adulthood.

The novel follows the progress of Brandon Stevenson, eponymous protagonist of The Hedonist, from North Carolina to Utuado, a small town in the mountainous interior of the Enchanted Island. Interwoven with the fictional narrative are several historical chapters describing the rape of Puerto Rico by Christopher Columbus and his merry band of Spanish Invaders in 1493 and proceeding all the way up to the rape of Puerto Rico by Vulture Capitalists in the present day.

Philosophy, politics, recreational pharmaceuticals and ecological mischief also take their lumps. The humor in the book is dark and merciless.

Proceeds from the book go to benefit Puerto Rico's recovery. Learn more:

Russell Hatler lives in North Carolina. He grew up in the wilds of Montana, graduated from the U of Oregon (he’s a Duck!) and spent 45 years taming mainframe computers. After retirement he started writing novels about gambling and Vegas. The research alone was worth the effort. His writing lately has taken a decidedly adult foray into the seamy side of life. Reference research remarks above. His long-suffering wife is still waiting for the revenue to roll in.

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