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The Traps of Heaven by PD McClafferty

Page Publishing
$16.95, paperback / $8.99, e-book
ISBN: 978-1-64544-919-5
October, 2019
Fiction: Science Fiction / Fantasy
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This is the story of a young woman's struggle to save, not only herself, but the rest of the human race.

In the 23rd century...humanity is wallowing in its own corruption on an overcrowded and depleted Earth. The space program, once the hope and fanciful dream of the world, has had failure after failure, and now colony ships float silent and abandoned in orbit; no planets to go to, no money to get there if they did. Mankind stands on the cusp; caught between doom and oblivion; the invisible alien invader on one hand and the benevolent Artificial Intelligence on the other. One will cost humanity its freedom, the other its soul. Whatever the outcome the human race, as we know it, will not survive, and it is up to Eilwin (Ellie) Abhartach to make the tough decisions that will decide which, if she can live long enough.

In production, and soon to be released as a thrilling audiobook.

PD McClafferty is a thirty-year veteran of the United States Air Force with a tour in Vietnam and involvement with both Gulf War I and Gulf War II. A graduate (BA and MA) of Vermont College of Norwich University and a former Martial Arts Instructor, he has traveled extensively and is finally realizing a lifelong goal of writing science fiction / fantasy; an interest he inherited from both of his parents who were great fans of the genre. He and his wife currently live in sunny North Carolina. His current books on the market are: …and they are us © 2014, …and they are us Homecoming © 2015, …and they are us Hiveworld © 2015, Corsairs of Aethalia © 2014, Wrecker’s Moon ©2016, Destiny of the Vampire ©2017 and Runeship © 2018.

Professionally, he is an active member of the Science Fiction Writers of America, the North Carolina Writers' Network, the Wonderland Book Club in Raleigh, and an active member of the American Red Cross and the VFW.

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