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Awakening in Surry County by Tom Scheve

Orange Publishing
$14.95, paperback / $6.95, e-book
ISBN: 9781095030400
May, 2019
Fiction: Mystery
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A series of mysterious, unexplained incidents erupt in the small town of Flat Rock, North Carolina, shortly after Jake, a struggling small-town mechanic, discovers a large glowing rock and hauls it to his farm. Thinking it might be valuable, Jake corrals his two best friends to investigate, sending them on a path that disrupts the entire town and has them dodging the local sheriff.

Tom Scheve wrote his first great piece of original writing in the fifth grade when he handed in an assignment that got him into a great deal of trouble. The nuns conficated all his books trying to find where he had copied it. Of course, they never found it since it was original and he didn't realize the implications of this until much later....

Through the years he excelled as a copy writer for radio and TV commercials, but not until 2010 did he write his award-winning novel The Awakening of Surry County, which was accepted by a publisher in London, England.

Tom's novels are entwind with the idea that we are all interconnected, there are no random events, and true joy is possible if we allow ourselveds to drop into our true state of being."My idea is to get the reader absorbed into fun, intriguing novels, that are not predictable, but also raises question about what is really going on in life and who we really are."

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