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Symphony of Stories by Norman Weeks

Kindle Direct Publishing
$14.00, paperback / $4.99, e-book
ISBN: 978-1-710035001
November, 2019
Fiction: Short Stories
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Here are twenty literary melodies in a Symphony of Stories.

The word-music of the stories is arranged in the form and framework of a classical symphony. There are four symphonic movements: first comes the Andante, a going-along in a sequence of events, a narrative, a story. Next is an Adagio, the slowing down on the path of sorrow; these stories are tragic. A contrast is provided by the Scherzo, jokes, tales with tongue-in-cheek. The grand finale of the Allegro is the happy ending.

The themes of the stories are some of the most basic: longing for love, finding love, suffering disappointment in love, and losing love. Sex as farce. Ambition and the frustration of ambition. Music, art, literature, and our electronic technoculture. The individual in society. The moral and the immoral. The sane, the insane, and doubts about which is which.

Symphony of Stories. Oh, the wondrous complexities of the human!

Symphony of Stories is the author’s only major work of fiction.

Norman Weeks is primarily an experiential nonfiction writer. He writes about living in Nature and within a culture.

Of the former, Nature Norm’s North Woods relates his experiences in the woods-and-waters of the northland, while Tropical Ecstasy explores the Amazon and the Northeast of Brazil.

Of culture, he enters into one of the oldest civilizations in Two Weeks in Eternal Egypt. Culture-versus-Nature is a principal theme of Walden Contemporaneous.

The trilogy Roman Ruminations presents “the psychology of the human as an enculturated animal”. Its three volumes are: Loneliness, Instinct, and Love.

Matters of Life and Death contains further explorations into human psychology.

Throughout his various writings, Norman Weeks expresses a cosmopolitan appreciation of our world and the wide range of experiences possible in one human life.

All these titles are available as Kindle e-books, some also as paperbacks.

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