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Dancing with Dali by Maureen Sherbondy

Futurecycle Press
$15.95, paperback
ISBN: 978-1942371816
February, 2020
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"Maureen Sherbondy’s Dancing with Dali whirls readers through a surreal world where lost wishes inhabit their own museum, Picasso works in the food court at a mall and Van Gogh may have lost his ear in a sword fight with Gauguin. Some of these ingenious poems are inspired by well-known masterworks like Rene Magritte’s 'Golconda' and Max Ernst’s 'Ubu Imperator,' others by paintings that do not exist, but should. Part gallery and part carnival, these are luminous and distinctively original poems for anyone willing to lose themselves in the funhouse of a madcap imagination. Dancing with Dali will surely sweep readers off their well-grounded feet."
—Jacob M. Appel, author of The Cynic in Extremis

Ekphrastic poems.

Dancing with Dali is a poetic exploration of art. These forty-seven poems respond to the often-surreal world of Dali, Kahlo, Van Gogh, Magritte, and others. Artists become characters in Sherbondy's poems--Picasso works at the mall food court, Dali creates his own television network, and Van Gogh's ear floats out to sea. Through these off-beat, entertaining poems, Maureen Sherbondy paints her own interpretation of our framed and unframed universe.

Maureen Sherbondy's work has appeared in Litro, Prelude, The Oakland Review, Calyx, and other journals. She has published nine other poetry collections. She lives in Durham.

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