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Mrs. Hudson Takes the Stage by Barry S. Brown

MX Publishing
$14.95, paperback
ISBN: 978-1-78705-521-6
April, 2020
Fiction: Mystery
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It is September, 1901, and Mrs. Hudson and her colleagues, Holmes and Watson, are in attendance for opening night of the play, "Sherlock Holmes," when a murder backstage interrupts the play's start.

As usual, the figurehead for the detective agency founded by Mrs. Hudson is mistaken for its leader. Not to worry, Mrs. Hudson, the true sage of Baker Street, is on hand. She will lead an investigation into the slaying of the play's wardrobe mistress that will involve actors seeking more than cleaned and pressed costumes from the young woman, a landlord upset about the woman interfering with his questionable business, members of the anarchist movement suspicious of her professed allegiance to their cause, and members of the Pinkerton Agency who harbor no such suspicions about her anarchist sympathies.

In the course of the investigation, Mrs. Hudson will be assisted by Dr. Arthur Conan Doyle, the author of an early draft of the play, and by the juvenile actor, Charlie Chaplin, playing the role of pageboy in the play.

Barry S. Brown is the author of five previous novels in the Mrs. Hudson of Baker Street series. A career of research in mental health, criminology, and drug abuse equipped him to uncover the truth about Mrs. Hudson and the functioning of London's foremost consulting detective agency. He now lives with his wife, Ann, in Carolina Beach where he can be found in cape and deerslayer hat exciting public interest and occasional police inquiry.

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