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Gifts of the Seasons, Autumn and Winter by Suzanne Cottrell

Kelsay Books
$16.00, paperback
ISBN: 9781952326141
May, 2020
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"The Etruscans named the season, autumn, and the Romans adopted the sound, a tribal habit. Harvest was a better title for centuries until the old returned to common use. Jack Frost bridges the gap into winter. Suzanne Cottrell takes us on a quiet walk through the lesser-favored half of the year. The reader will find pumpkins, geese, and hickory root here, along with the icy moon, and the great horned owl. In our twenty-first century comfort, the images may seem simple and even quaint. But if we free ourselves from our devices and get out into the weather, there are some deep snows to be found and long nights. Suzanne Cottrell reminds us that the seasons once held startling beauty and profound mystery and still do." 
—Russell Streur, editor, Plum Tree Tavern

"The poems contained in Suzanne Cottrell’s debut collection, Gifts of the Seasons, Autumn and Winter, are just that—gifts, a feast of vibrant, picturesque offerings to delight the most ardent of nature lovers with pure spectacle. Cottrell’s extravagant imagery takes us along wooded trails and mountain streams to the flaming leaves of autumn and the hoarfrost of frigid winter days with their orchestrated swirl of snowflakes. Indeed, a tantalizing read for all."
—Mary Flynn, author of the gold medal novel, Margaret Ferry

"Suzanne Cottrell’s exquisite poetry takes us on a captivating ride through a wonderland of ingenious images that remain in our memory. With an atmosphere that is quiet and peaceful, she paints canvases of autumn and winter scenes that engage all of our senses. The poems are lyrical in expression and dazzling in language. As in art, poetry asks us to see the world differently and Ms. Cottrell’s poems do exactly that. Nature sculpts, sings, and dances and we see and hear flora, fauna, and the cosmos in creative collaboration with her. 'Wind choreographs a fusion dance of fallen multi-colored leaves' and 'Wind like an artist’s knife shapes textured snowdrifts' are just a few of Ms. Cottrell’s unforgettable images in this splendid volume."
—Rochelle S. Cohen, author, Ode for the Time Being

Thirtyt-six poems suitable for all ages. Enjoy the imagery and experience the beauty of autumn and winter scenery and activities.

Suzanne Cottrell lives with her husband and three rescued dogs in rural Piedmont North Carolina. An outdoor enthusiast and retired teacher, she enjoys reading, writing, knitting, hiking, Pilates, and yoga. She loves nature’s sensory stimuli and experimenting with poetry. Her poems have appeared in numerous journals and anthologies including the Best Emerging Poets Series, Avocet, Plum Tree Tavern, Poetry Quarterly, Burningword Journal, and The Pangolin Review. She was the recipient of 2017 Rebecca Lard Poetry Award, Prolific Press:

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