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The Lower Canyons by John Manuel

Atmosphere Press
$17.99, paperback / $7.99, e-book
ISBN: 978-0-998111230
May, 2020
Fiction: Adventure / Literary
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"John Manuel's The Lower Canyons has all the excitement of Deliverance with twice the heart."
—Kyle McCord, Magpies in the Valley of the Oleanders

"Manuel has a gift for describing flora and fauna—from a lifetime of experience in the wilder regions of the country. I could almost hear the approaching rapids, feel the desert heat, the crunch of river rock under my feet. A central message is that everyone has a hidden shame, some past event that is 'the biggest mistake you've ever made in your life.' I highly recommend this gripping novel."
—Anna Jean Mayhew, The Dry Grass of August

In this novel, a river guide, a newly-divorced mother, a Honduran refugee, and a ranch hand each set out to refashion their lives after a serious setback. They all converge on the Rio Grande in the Big Bend of Texas, where the perils of nature combine with conflicts among fellow travelers to present a towering wall of challenges.

John Manuel is a Durham-based writer of fiction and nonfiction. His books include The Natural Traveler Along North Carolina's Coast (Blair), The Canoeist: A Memoir (Red Lodge Press), Hope Valley (Red Lodge Press), and The Lower Canyons (Atmosphere Press). He is a frequent contributor to Wildlife in North Carolina magazine.

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