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Lucky Brilliant by Maureen Sherbondy

Black Rose Writing
$17.95, paperback
ISBN: 978-1684335459
September, 2020
Fiction: YA
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"Maureen Sherbondy’s intriguing coming-of-age tale, Lucky Brilliant, is an entrancing page-turner. After her father’s sudden and mysterious death, Lucky Brilliant begins having dreams that predict the future. Will her knowledge of the future ironically help her learn about the past? Maybe her father wasn’t the person she thought he was. This twisty and entrancing coming of age story is a page-turner." 
—Lisa Williams Kline, author of One Week of You, Write Before Your Eyes, and others

"Lucky Brilliant by Maureen Sherbondy perfectly captures teen anger, confusion, and alienation in a fast-paced story of loss and longing. Lucky is a heroine who must rescue herself. The plot twists as she wrestles with her gift of premonition, convinced that she can rewrite the future. Her shocking discoveries grip the reader from prologue to finish.

"What if all your bad dreams started coming true? Fifteen-year-old Lucky Brilliant feels anything but fortunate. With her father dead and her mother drunk, Lucky struggles to cope. Living in a broken house and troubled by nightmares, she escapes into the only world she can control, her art. As secret after secret unfolds, Lucky finds herself unsure of anything she thought she knew."
—Nancy Young, author of Sensing Things

Lucky Brilliant is a captivating book about family, friendship, first love, and loss. The novel is perfect for young adults who like mystery-driven dramas, a page-turning tale that reveals surprising twists until the final chapter.

Maureen Sherbondy has published ten poetry books and one short-story collection. Her work has appeared in Litro, Stone Canoe, Prelude, The North Carolina Literary Review, Fiction Southeast, The Southeast Review, Oakland Review, and many other journals:

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