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A Quarter Life by Tyler Pufpaff

Tyler Pufpaff
$8.00, paperback
ISBN: 978-1714800285
June, 2020
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"These poems ache and anger, but follow through to forgiveness and a redemption of the speaker and an often hostile world. Tyler Pufpaff is a fresh voice in poetry, but one that carries enough wisdom and experience to be able to balance its incandescent energy with perspective and poise. A Quarter Life welcomes all comers, young and old."
—Shawn Delgado, author of A Sky Half-Dismantled

"In A Quarter Life, some dark alleys of life are consciously placed into a grey landscape. The rut and the fever of living become tractable 'mentalscapes' here. The poems are acutely self-aware and sensitive to the concept of being, even 'feeling' it pop in and out of existence, and hop across life's milestones. Tyler manages to elegantly rehabilitate amorphous concepts of life into a sky of clarified thoughts, and that is no easy task."
—Kalyani Bindu, author of Two Moviegoers

"A Quarter Life is a visceral offloading of that which we often cannot carry inside. Pufpaff tosses away stigma in favor of a raw glimpse at what it feels like to want more from living."
—Jaime Dill, Owner and Developmental Editor of Polish & Pitch, LLC

Confessional poetry on the author's experience with mental illness.

Tyler Pufpaff was born and raised in North Texas. He is a student at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and serves as Poetry Editor at Variant Literature Inc. When he's not reading or writing he can be found watching mob dramas like The Godfather.


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