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Radiant Obstacles by Luke Hankins

Wipf & Stock Publishers
$12.00, paperback / $0.00, hardcover
ISBN: 978-1-72526208
August, 2020
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"[These poems] call out to the divine, and return to us having transformed metaphysical yearning into a deeply resonant art.”
—Matthew Olzmann

"Hankins has made ‘a house for an idea about beauty’—may we each visit its bewilderment, terror, and solace.”
—Nomi Stone

"Our exile into Being and into ‘where Eden once stood, in the ruins,’ becomes for Hankins the source of stunning meditations on metaphysics, faith, and the apparent obstacles to belief that stand as ‘radiant obstacles’ in our path."
—Bruce Beasley

In his second poetry collection, Luke Hankins continues to engage profound questions of being and the nature of human experience in the aftermath of a break with the fundamentalist religion of his upbringing. Big ideas are not considered off-limits in these poems, yet the poems remain grounded in daily life and language. From theological and philosophical inquiries, to spare meditations on moments of sensory intensity, the poems in Radiant Obstacles are both wide-ranging and finely honed.

Luke Hankins is the author of the poetry collection Weak Devotions as well as a collection of essays, The Work of Creation: Selected Prose. A book of his translations from the French of Stella Vinitchi Radulescu, A Cry in the Snow & Other Poems, was released in 2019. Hankins is also the editor of Poems of Devotion: An Anthology of Recent Poets and is the founder and editor of Orison Books.

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