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Out of the Shadows - Coming Home by Nancy MacCreery

MacCreery Publishing
$0.99 e-book (presale) - $2.99 after June 23
June, 2020
Fiction: Contemporary Romance / Intrigue
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If he can rescue his long-lost daughter, General Nicolai Hewzenko thinks he’ll have everything he’s wanted. But for someone used to giving orders, relating to a twelve-year-old that has been brainwashed to fear him is a challenge. And the psychologist he hires intrigues him, but her dark past poses another problem. When troubles arise, both his life’s work and the safety of his new family is threatened.

​Can they help each other find happiness?

A tale of rescue, kidnapping, and love—told with quirky characters and humor.

Author Q&A

This is your fourth book. Why did you write this one?

In the novel Unexpected Impact, Sophia (the main character) locates Nicolai's missing daughter. I kept thinking about her and the complications that would arise when the girl is reunited with her father after years with her grandmother who hated Nicolai so much she lived as a wandering fugitive. So most of the story wrote itself.

What is your favorite character in the story?

That has to be Pliers—that's her nickname because she is very mechanically inclined and curious about how things work. That gets her into some comical situations!

Nancy MacCreery writes for people who enjoy contemporary fiction—action, mystery, romance told with a healthy sprinkle of humor. Her books feature complex characters with a propensity for jumping into action in situations they often are not prepared for when they serendipitously stumble into them.

If you are intrigued by the challenges of our complex geopolitical world yet enjoy a touch of irreverent humor, romance and the antics of a group of intelligent, caring, sometimes fumbling and fun-loving cast of characters, Nancy's books will offer you a great escape into a world of intrigue, trade-offs, and the crusade against evil.

The Scoops and Schemes series includes Book 1- The Essence, Book 2 - Unexpected Impact, and the new Cinnamon Bourbon and Deception - Book 3. Watch for Book 4 which should be coming out this Spring!

Nancy can often be found hiking, swimming, obsessing over her garden, reading and studying the political landscape, or dreaming up intricately woven plots while drifting on a boat at Jordan Lake, North Carolina as her husband fishes for that elusive "big one".

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