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Billion Dollar Bracket by Drew Bridges

BQB Publishing
$15.95, paperback / $6.49, e-book
ISBN: 978-1-945448898
December, 2020
Fiction: Mystery / Thriller
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The title of Billion Dollar Bracket screams basketball and sports betting. You can read it for that, or for much more: redemption, survival, and unlikely relationships.

Many lives collide in this quest to win a billion dollars for picking all the winners in the annual National Collegiate Athletic Association basketball tournament. Some are looking for riches, others for simple survival and personal redemption.

Mathematician Sinclair Dane sponsors the contest, seeking money for a safety net for her troubled mother. She does not have a billion dollars to pay a winner. Risking her reputation and possible legal charges for fraud, she pins her hopes on the astronomical odds against anyone picking all the winners.

Math professor Lewis Cusac uses the basketball contest to teach remedial math to college students, two of whom are playing in the tournament. He enters the contest and finds himself having selected all the winners with only three games remaining. He also gets a call from the NCAA investigators for suspicion of trying to fix the outcomes of games.

Add to the mix a flamboyant retired casino operator, a group of twenty-something social media wizards, and professional basketball’s next megastar. As the contest goes global, the story races to an ending that will surprise the reader.

Drew Bridges is a retired psychiatrist who has restored himself to his default identity of English major. He credits the bookmobile for his love of reading and writing, and his father for his sports passion. He lives in the town of Wake Forest, NC with his wife Lauren. His daughter, Suzanna, and her husband Andy and live in NYC, where they earn a living as musicians and raise their daughter Penny.

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