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The Games We Play by Adair Sanders

Kindle Direct Publishing
$15.00, paperback / $6.00, e-book
November, 2020
Fiction: Thriller / Mystery
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Over the past five years Allison Parker has survived a serial killer, an attempted murder, a terrorist attack, and an international assassin. How could agreeing to investigate the claims of a confidential informant possibly be dangerous? Answer? When the confidential informant is the little sister of convicted murderer and prison kingpin J.T. Begley. Seizing the opportunity to ensure inside protection for her brother Rice, Allison agrees to take the case.

As with the previous books in the Allison Parker series, author Adair Sanders weaves and intertwines multiple plot and story lines in this fast paced and exciting page-turner. While Allison works with Nick Showalter, the A.T.F. agent who is Teresa Begley’s handler, her husband Wolf Johannsen and his F.B.I. counterpart Jake Cleveland worry that both the C.I.A. and the F.B.I. have been infiltrated at the highest levels by a cabal of powerful men. Frank Martin, Allison’s P.I. cohort in previous adventures, juggles a murder-for-hire investigation for an old client at the same time as he, Allison and Showalter struggle to identify the person who has threatened Showalter’s C.I.And if that isn’t enough excitement, Frank Martin’s client Sidney Parrish—the same client who hired Frank to find out whether his wife wants to have him killed—finds himself in the middle of a kidnapping and embezzlement scheme associated with one of his Fortune 500 companies.

Series characters Sheriff Toby Trowbridge, computer whiz Pete Pantsari and ex-Navy Seal Bennett Shealey also make an appearance for what Allison Parker Mystery would be complete without them?

Trial lawyer turned writer. Allison Parker Mystery Series, Biologically Bankrupt, a memoir, and Out of the Ashes, A Collection of Essays.

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