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Coyote Loop by L.C. Fiore

Adelaide Books
$22.30, paperback
ISBN: 978-1-954351370
January, 2021
Fiction: Literary
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"In John Ganzi, Fiore gives us a fast-talking, foul-mouthed, money grubbing options trader we would love to hate—if only we could. As he navigates fatherhood and friendship, and runs headlong into his own tragic flaws, he earns our hearts."
—Heather Newton, author of Under the Mercy Trees

"Fiore paints this world with the practiced hand of a skilled writer as a man and a city are on the verge of change. Like all good fiction, Coyote Loop takes us to a place we hadn’t expected, yet somehow entertains and informs at the same time. This is a novel you don’t want to miss."
—Steve Cushman, author of Hopscotch: a Novel

"As gritty and shrewd as Chicago itself, Coyote Loop brilliantly probes the underbelly of our city's famed trading pit in the nadir of 2008, where brutality and grace collide in John Ganzi: South Sider, struggling dad, and a character I won't soon forget."
—Emily Gray Tedrowe, author of The Talented Miss Farwell

In Chicago, at the peak of the Great Recession, John Ganzi, Coyote Loop's take-no-guff narrator, has, at 44, already outlived his father. He’s a wealthy options trader, divorced, and his only friend is his disgruntled clerk, who he grew up with—two lower-class kids from the Southside, now made good. When Jeanie, Ganzi’s estranged teenage daughter, unexpectedly moves in with him, he sees an opportunity to one-up his old man by being the one thing his own father never was: a dad. Jeanie, however, despite her virginal veneer, turns out to be carrying on the family legacy of deception and addiction. When tragedy strikes, father and daughter must reconcile to help each other evolve into better versions of themselves—or risk losing everything. Adapt or Die: it should be scrawled in Latin across the Ganzi family crest.

Through an unforgettable narrative voice, Coyote Loop portrays a worldly, biting, and immutable character who bull-charges through his days. Coyote Loop is the story of one rapidly changing city, in this case, Chicago, and a financial system fueled by oversized personalities and boundless greed. Portraying a unique, fiercely loyal, and often funny parent-child dynamic, this novel explores how far we’ll go so that we don’t grow up to be our parents—and so that our children grow up to be something different, and better, than us.

L.C. Fiore's historical novel The Last Great American Magic won Novel of the Year from Underground Book Reviews. His debut novel, Green Gospel (Livingston Press), was named First Runner-Up in the Eric Hoffer Book Awards (General Fiction); short-listed for the Balcones Fiction Prize; and long-listed for the Crook’s Corner Book Prize.

His fiction has appeared in Ploughshares, Michigan Quarterly Review, and storySouth, among many others, and has been anthologized in Sudden Flash Youth: 65 Short Short Stories (Persea Books) and Tattoos (Main Street Rag). His work has also appeared in various baseball publications, including The Love of the Game: Essays by Lifelong Fans (McFarland & Co.).

He is the host of the A440 Podcast, He is the communications director for the North Carolina Writers’ Network and lives in Chapel Hill with his wife and family.

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