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Almanac: The Four Seasons by JL Huffman

Kindle Direct Publishing
$7.95, paperback / $2.99, e-book
ISBN: 978-1098600822
December, 2020
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"In language that bubbles with energy and keen observation, JL Huffman records the passage of seasons. Almanac: The Four Seasons is not a calendar book dotted with human celebrations. Instead the year comes alive through 'a pie's plenty of blackbirds,' 'a drift of swallowtails,' and a sycamore 'moisturized by morning rain.' With a realism that is refreshing, humans are non-dominant, their appearances tucked in among the abundant life of the natural world. Look closer, these poems urge, and each season will open its secrets and delights."
—J. C. Todd, Rita Dove Prize in Poetry winner, author of The Damages of Morning

"JL Huffman brings her observational skills that are usually in service to the art of medicine to poetry of the natural world. Her almanac of affectionate poems arranged by season are balm to those weary with the human world and show the inherent power of healing contained in nature."
—Beth Phillips Brown, author of Book of Enchantments

"JL Huffman shows her true flexibility by including many forms of poetry, while also breaking free with open verse. Coined terms (Starcicles), alliteration, varied viewpoints, let's not forget the clever cover, and general verbal chicanery make her the uppity author I enjoy."
—Mar Startari, President of High Country Writers. Wordsmith award-winning poet

Almanac: The Four Seasons takes the reader on a journey via the vehicle of an almanac, traveling through the year, season by season. Nature predominates the scene; an occasional human pops in to enjoy the view. Join the author on a jaunt through seasonal wonderlands filled with flora and fauna: winter, spring, summer and fall.

The author is a former Licensed Practical Nurse, who continued her medical education and is now a retired Trauma Surgeon/Intensive Care doctor. She is a prior medical editor of Northeast Florida Medicine, is published in the surgical literature (publish or perish), and has won local, state and national poetry contests. Her first book, Almanac: The Four Seasons went to print December 2020. She is published in three poetry compendiums of the Mad Poets Society of Philadelphia, as well as in the anthologies: Being a Woman Surgeon: Sixty Women Share Their Stories and in High Country Headwaters III. She lives a full life as an avid world traveler and gardener. The author is exercising her muse and writing in diverse genres: poetry, memoir and fiction.

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