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Where Your Treasure Is by M. C. Bunn

Bellastoria Press
$22.95, paperback / $5.99, e-book
ISBN: 9781942209799
April, 2021
Fiction: Historical / Romance
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"M. C. Bunn's storytelling makes for a thoroughly immersive read, transporting readers to 19-century England, Italy, and beyond."
—Erin Knightley, USA Today bestselling author

"You're a real story-teller! You've got that thing!"
—J. Johnson

The most precious treasure in the world is the hardest one to find. Join the search. For lovers of love and late-Victorian England, a ripping yarn of romance, adventure, and hope.

Where Your Treasure Is, is a Victorian romance by M.C. Bunn (Bellastoria Press, April 23, 2021).

Feisty, independent heiress Winifred de la Coeur has never wanted to live according to someone else’s rules—but even she didn’t plan on falling in love with a bank robber.

Winifred is a wealthy, nontraditional beauty who bridles against the strict rules and conventions of Victorian London society. When she gets caught up in the chaos of a bungled bank robbery, she is thrust unwillingly into an encounter with Court Furor, a reluctant getaway driver and prizefighter. In the bitter cold of a bleak London winter, sparks fly.

Winifred and Court are two misfits in their own circumscribed worlds—the fashionable beau monde with its rigorously upheld rules, and the gritty demimonde, where survival often means life-or-death choices.

Despite their conflicting backgrounds, they fall desperately in love while acknowledging the impossibility of remaining together. Returning to their own worlds, they try to make peace with their lives until a moment of unrestrained honesty and defiance threatens to topple the deceptions they have carefully constructed to protect each other.

A story of the overlapping entanglements of Victorian London’s social classes, the strength of family bonds and true friendship, and the power of love to heal a broken spirit.

M. Catherine Bunn fell in love with Victorian England and its literature before she could read. At the family dinner table her father was rarely without a book. “He read aloud to us. Nothing was off limits. It was everything from his old comic books to National Geographic and the Bible, Twain and Dickens, or Zane Grey and Edgar Rice Burroughs.” Those tales ignited her imagination. “There was never a time when I wasn’t making up romances and adventures, or exploring a character,” she laughs. “I also grew up within walking distance of the downtown library and a great used bookstore.” Inheriting her father’s passion for storytelling, Catherine began writing her own in a red notebook that her mother gave her.

That devotion to characters and writing propelled Catherine to UNC-Chapel Hill to study English and then to spend a stint working in England. After that she attended North Carolina State University for a master’s in English and then North Carolina Central University to prepare for the classroom where she hoped to inspire a love of literature in young readers. For nearly two decades, teaching high school kept her busy. She satisfied her creative urges onstage, writing music and singing with her band, Mister Felix.

Yet her unrealized stories haunted her dreams, crying out to be heard, to be brought to life on paper, and to be shared with the world. When life took a difficult turn, Catherine’s characters came to her fully formed, tying her to her computer, as scene after scene spilled out on the page. An unconventional heroine and her dangerous, street-gutter paramour filled the pages with action and passion. The resulting novel, Where Your Treasure Is, chosen by Bellastoria Press, launches on April 23, 2021: International Lovers Day.

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