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One Last Strike Before Dark by Ron Rhody

Outer Banks Publishing Group
$16.99, paperback / $7.99, e-book
ISBN: 978-1-734168792
March, 2021
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We all are stories that we tell ourselves.

Most of them are fantasies, but they sustain us.

On occasions though, happenings so terrible beset us that we must abandon our delusions and descend into reality.

Which is Jordan Aimes predicament.

At the top of his game with his career humming and nothing but blue sky in sight, he must make a decision—a life-or-death decision. If he makes the right decision he lives. If he doesn’t, he dies.

In order to make that decision he must let go his fantasies.

So he’s come home to a little town in the bend of a river in Kentucky where he grew up in search of answers he hopes will help him.

The places and events that are caught in his memory, he must relive and examine those. He must summon to mind the people who left their mark on him, tally up the account of who he owes and for what, ache over what he should have done but didn’t, shudder at what he did but should not have done, savor the things he did anyway and is better for.

And let the joy and the hurt of it all wash him free of illusion.

Crucially, he needs to know how well he’s played the hand he’s been dealt. There really might be a god. There might be a reckoning after all.

But the biggest question, the one to which he most desperately needs the answer, is who is Jordan Aimes—the paragon he thinks he is, or that uncertain little boy all alone and still afraid of the dark?

This is the story of what he finds out.

And how.

Ron Rhody (Ronald E.) was a reporter, a sportswriter, and a broadcast journalist before segueing into a career as a corporate public relations executive.

He spent most of his corporate career directing the public relations and advertising programs of two of the country’s largest corporations.

Now he is concentrating on writing and on perfecting his drag free-drifts He and his wife Patsy live in Pinehurst, North Carolina. He is a native Kentuckian. This is his fifth novel. All of them are set there., including this one.

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