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The Gifted Spawn by R.R. Brooks

Escarpment Press
$14.95, paperback / $3.99, e-book
ISBN: 978-1-73467508
February, 2021
Fiction: Fantasy / Adventure
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"The author seamlessly transitions plot and characters from Justi the Gifted. In the mythical land of Zell, the 'gift' is passed to the next generation, but it is parceled in a peculiar and imperfect, fashion. The result is a continued battle of Good versus Evil—but this time it’s a family affair. A treat for every fantasy reader."
—Frank Robinson II, author of Thirty Days Hath September

"A richly imagined fantasy world, captivating from the get-go, alive with gods, villains, priests, and princes who work on characters young and old as the torch passes from one generation to the next. At stake is the preservation of the kingdom. The men are sudden and dangerous but keep your eyes on the women—Provani, Danilla, Breel, and the seductively evil Ranera. A heart-thumping read."
—Jerome Mandel, author of Nothing Gold Can Stay and Covet the Oven

"Blending a clash of kingdoms, intra-family strife, and sorcery, The Gifted Spawn delivers a true Arthurian-style saga. A great read!"
—Tom Hooker, author of Twenty-Five Angels

In a world where men worshipped either Li, the god of order, or Dar, the god of chaos, the peasant boy Justi wielded a flame, a Justice Power, to drive Dar’s barbarians from the Zell. With age and peace, Justi’s power seems to fade. When he marries Queen Mercerio, who holds gifts of mercy and healing, their royal children appear normal. Prince Meru is more the scholar than a future king, and Princess Danilla is beautiful and ungifted. That is no problem until their half sibling Justik, the child of Justi alone, appears, demanding recognition and threatening to use his inherited killing fire to get his way. Rebuffed, Justik joins forces with the enemy and fuels the second invasion. Unless the prince and princess find some inherited gifts and learn how to use them, the Zellish face new conquest, enslavement, and death. Meru and Danilla must rely on their wits and a mysterious spirit guardian to discover the power to repel an army, overcome treachery, and survive a monster. Only then can new bonds of love emerge to create long-lasting peace.

Robert R. Brooks, a native of New Jersey, writes fantasy, mystery, and science fiction novels and short stories as R.R. Brooks. He has fiction training from several schools, including The Great Smokies Writing Program of the University of North Carolina at Asheville. His publications include a dozen short stories and two novels. His epic fantasy novel Justi the Gifted was published by Leo Publishing in 2015 and the mystery (co-authored with A.C. Brooks) The Clown Forest Murders by Black Opal Books in 2018. The second fantasy The Gifted Spawn appeared in 2021 from Escarpment Press. Bob is a member of the Blue Ridge Writers Group, the Appalachian Round Table, and N.C. Writers' Network. He has served as a judge for the Brevard Little Theater Annual Play Competition, and currently is a reader for the Eric M. Hoffer Award for self-published and small press books. Retired from the pharmaceutical industry, he lives with a wife, two cats, and beagle in western North Carolina. Under the guidance of his large black cat, he is poking around in the cozy-mystery-paranormal genre. His website is

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