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A Woman's Art By Her Grandfather's Hands by Ollie Singleton

Hansberry Publishing/Ollie Singleton
$69.00 (gatefold cover) / $98.00 (limited edition hardcover)
ISBN: 978-0-578-83300-2
June, 2021
Nonfiction: Memoir / Coffee Table Book
Available from the author

"Open this book and begin a journey through many facets of an artist's life. Along the way get an eyeful of her art: watercolor, mixed media collages, and silk screen prints. Keep going and gaze upon her prolific wearable art—a wonderful historical record. See the incredible, strange-looking wood she reclaimed from her late grandfather's farm and the wood art she created from it. Your round-trip ticket makes many stops but begins and ends in North Carolina. You will also travel through time—from when she had her art exhibited in third grade to the present day."
—Andrea Miranda

This publication—a blending of art book and memoir—will captivate you for hours as you explore the magical world within its pages. It features work from every period of Singleton's life, from her first painting in elementary school, to her many silk screen and mixed-media works, her hand-crafted upcycled clothing, and her later explorations in wood art.

This book may well be the first of its kind—a visually appealing fusion of memoir, a chronicling of educational and artistic achievement, and the beauty and inspiration of a coffee-table style book. More than a collection of artwork, this is a story about the gradual revelation of what the author believes to be genetic influences on her artwork.

This book joins together the author's selective memoir and her art to tell a story that explores the origins of her predominant creative style. While the exploration was not planned, it was inevitable given the author's long-time attraction and subsequent attachment to one thing on her grandfather's farm -- the 100-year-old repair shop that he built.

Featuring more than 900 stunning full-color photographs, this book will entertain, inspire, and educate.

Ollie Singleton was born in the South—North Carolina, grew up in the South and the North—Philadelphia, lived in a few other states—California, Oklahoma, Texas, and New Jersey; taught many students, held a few jobs in the corporate sector, earned a few degrees, wrote a few poems; is, always was, and always will be a creature of the arts in search of beauty.

She feels that one of her greatest strengths while walking in "the world" is her introspection, which has lead to her self-awareness. And also, the circumstances of her birth and her life's experiences have required that she straddle multiple worlds—too numerous to list here, but which may be reflected in her artwork.

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