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Listening to Her Own Voice by Colleen B. MacFarlane

Kindle Direct Publishing
$9.99, paperback / $2.99, e-book
ISBN: 979-8-517912688
June, 2021
Fiction: Historical / Women's
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Story about Rosa Kerker, a young girl, who immigrated with her family from Switzerland in 1866. The family settled in Chaska, Minnesota. Despite her many talents, Rosa worried she would not be good enough no matter what vocation she chose. She feared she would not measure up to the talents of her brothers and father, all accomplished musicians and entertainers. A strong Catholic family, Rosa would face many obstacles in her struggle to decide on her vocation. When four nuns arrived to teach at her school, little did Rosa realize that her life would change forever. Through bitter cold winters, her sister's death, and her father's forceful personality, Rosa had to decide what was best for her. She had to learn how to listen to her own voice.


Colleen MacFarlane is a retired social worker and financial educator. She has a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology and an MBA in Personal Financial Planning. Her experience and education influence her writing and the dilemmas her protagonists find themselves in. Born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Colleen learned that her maternal ancestors had settled in Chaska, Minnesota. She quickly became a genealogy enthusiast soon after obtaining a picture of her great grandmother and her family. Colleen has spent several years researching her maternal side, and the story of Rosa is a tribute to her, who is Colleen's 2nd great aunt.

Colleen most enjoys reading historical fiction and historical nonfiction. Her second book is a children's book titled: Life's Lessons from Lucy the Schnauzer. In it, Everett explains to his cousin, Eleanor, that he's convinced he's learned everything he needs to know about life from his dog, Lucy. Life's Lessons is planned for self-publication on Amazon, fall 2021.

Colleen's third book, planned for release in 2022, is titled You Need Me. The protagonist, Sloane, and her husband, in their early fifties, think that their lives are going perfectly and according to plan. Then 2020 arrives, and everything that could go wrong does go wrong. Both learn the hard way, that their financial planner is anything but what he portrays. Look for updates on Colleen's website:

On her website, Colleen also maintains a blog about what she is up to with regard to her writing and her protagonists.

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