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A Heart for Selma: 12 Stories of Activate Selma NC by Cindy Brookshire

Kindle Direct Publishing
$15.00, paperback / $5.99, e-book
ISBN: 979-8-536953488
July, 2021
Nonfiction: Biography / Economics
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“Selma has many fantastic assets and opportunities. As a veteran downtown developer, I can say that the most valuable of these assets are their people. The Activate Selma people are passionate, accept a sense of responsibility, and are willing to do the work to effect positive change. Combine that with a vision, leadership, and persistence (which they have), and I know they will do amazing things for their town. Watch it happen here.”
—Julie Metz, assistant director of business and membership development services, NC League of Municipalities

“I'm inspired by Activate Selma and all they are doing to take a Strong Towns approach. They are a model for others to follow.”
—Charles L. Marohn, Jr., president and founder of Strong Towns,

“I’m thrilled that you are taking the lead in making downtown Selma your Community Living Room. This is an absolute top priority of ANY and every community that hopes to remain a sought after sustainable destination. Downtowns are back and more important than ever. Every community—especially Selma—has the potential of becoming and remaining a thriving, sustainable and desirable place to live, invest in, and visit. Your book, A Heart for Selma and the 12 stories you are sharing are so vital for the continued success of Selma—and for generations to come. Thanks for doing all that you can to keep Selma strong, successful and vibrant.”
—Roger Brooks,, RogerBrooksInternational

A Heart for Selma is a collection of 12 personal stories from the group of residents, volunteers, and business owners in Selma, North Carolina, who are revitalizing and uplifting our beloved rail community and all it has to offer! Join us at

Cindy Brookshire is an active member of the North Carolina Writers' Network. She uses dialogue and storytelling as techniques to build community. Her poetry and prose have appeared in County Lines: A Literary Journal, Carolina Woman, Southern Writers Magazine, and Pisgah Review. She blogs at

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