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Surviving High-Conflict Divorce: Protecting Your Kids and Yourself from a Narcissist by Shane O'Brian

Mountain Page Press
$12.95, paperback / $3.99, e-book
ISBN: 978-1-952714030
June, 2021
Nonfiction: Self-Help
Available from the publisher

A Father’s Story is an essential survival guide for men enduring the trauma of high-conflict divorce. Blending page-turning drama with straight-forward narrative, A Father’s Story hits on everything from how to be your own investigator to dealing with attorneys to navigating family court. He shares the invaluable lessons he learned about how to care for your children’s mental health as well as your own as the world you know unravels.”
—Andrew Fredricks

"Divorce is never easy. Sometimes it seems completely unbearable. This book is packed with straight forward advice on how to cope with the stress associated with high-conflict divorce and will help you navigate the challenges that arise during the process."
—CSM (Amazon)

"This book is an incredible tool for anyone in your life going through the breakup of a family. Solid advice and a glimmer of hope from a man who has been there!"
—Emilie Supple

"This was an excellent resource for anyone going though a divorce that is or could possibly turn into an adversarial situation. The author offered many good tips I wouldn't have thought about, especially in doing what's best for the children involved. Gave me hope that we could get through it with a positive outcome. Thank you."
—G. Jaybird

"I want a divorce."

These are words that no one wants to hear, but Shane O'Brian fearlessly tells the true story of his experience from that moment to the day he signed the final decree.

Divorce can be devastating. The physical, psychological, and financial toll it exacts upon a family is incalculable, especially when children are involved. But O'Brian brings a message of overcoming-and hope in the face of hopelessness. He offers himself as a guide who went through a high-conflict divorce, but managed to keep his head up, remain positive, and keep his sense of civility while enduring insanity. It wasn't easy-he had to contend with a narcissist who had been having an affair with a married coworker-and he's here to offer support and encouragement so you can make it through, too.

O'Brian's perspective is that of a loving father who knows that in the end, it is the kids who truly suffer the most. His goal is to lessen their suffering as well as yours. Along with his story are takeaways and action items to help readers stay healthy and strong throughout the challenges.

Shane O'Brian is a real estate broker and full-time father to Grace, Daniel, and John. As the seventh of twelve children, he values family life to his core, even after the trauma of a high-conflict divorce.

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