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I Am The Beat: God Sets The Pace by Dr. Kellye W. Hall

United House Publishing
$24.99, hardcover
ISBN: 978-1-952840081
Nonfiction: Memoir
June, 2021
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"Dr. Kellye Worth Hall's memoir is a testament to the power of knowing one's self, learning one's blind spots, owning one's opportunities for growth, and staying true to one's race to achieve personal and professional goals."
—Dr. Chandra Sledge Mathias, Ed.D

"Dr. Hall's memoir is a story of hope, growth, and perseverance, and I applaud her for being so candid. This book deserves a spot right next to Michelle Obama's book!"
—Kiera Vargas, JD, MLIS, MS

"I love this book. It is a must-read. She ties scriptures to each chapter to encourage readers to use their faith to navigate through tough times."
—Dr. Ashley Little, CEO/Founder Ashley Little Enterprises, LLC, 13-time bestseller

Approximately 4 percent of the nation's doctors are African American, but Kellye didn't know she would be in such a minority when she began her journey into medicine at the age of two. Her path into a career as a physician would be one specifically designed for her and not the voyage many of her colleagues would take. From sports to music and dancing, Kellye ventured in and out of hobbies always intending to give it up to take care of patients. However, medicine was not what she expected, and she started looking at patients as "obstacles to finishing tasks and barriers to power naps when on-call." From overly demanding attendings to the reality that humans are not immortal, Kellye had to figure out how to survive in a field that was changing the very nature of who she was as a person. Her story is one filled with unanticipated adversity but meant to encourage anyone to set a goal and stop at nothing to achieve it.

Kellye Nichelle Worth Hall, MD is a Board-Certified Emergency Physician currently practicing in Charlotte, North Carolina. She was a regular writer for the blog, and she had her own monthly segment called "Ask the Doctor'" which encouraged readers to ask questions anonymously that they may not otherwise want to ask their own physician. She has also written articles in another blog, Women in White Coats. She is a two-time bestselling author as a contributing author in The HBCU Experience Anthology: North Carolina A&T State University Edition and an award-winning expert author in The HBCU Experience: The HBCU Band Alumni Edition.

Born in Rochester, New York, but raised in Soul City, North Carolina, she fulfilled her dream of becoming a physician by attending college at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in Greensboro, North Carolina. She attended medical school at The Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University and stayed there for her emergency medicine residency. Her experiences in the field of emergency medicine have led to her desire to write about her experiences with people, both in and out of medicine.

She is currently working in Urgent Care in Charlotte, North Carolina, which allows her time to work on her other hobbies. Near the age of 40, she returned to her true passion, dance. While it was always God's plan for her to be a physician, in 2019, she joined forces with former NBA dancer and hip-hop dance studio owner, Ana Ogbueze to become the first franchisee of NC Dance District, Incorporated, Charlotte location. She is a dancer with Project: FULL OUT, a NC Dance District affiliate, as well as with The Dance District Agency. She is married to her husband Eric Hall, and she has three fur-babies, her dogs, Mumslye, Kooler, and Germonye.

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