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Brilliant Charming Bastard Getting Rich Is the Best Revenge by Stella Fosse

Stella Fosse
$12.95, paperback / $10.99, e-book
ISBN: 978-1-950227068
October, 2021
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"Brilliant Charming Bastard serves up brilliance with charm and a bastard get his ... oops no spoilers. You will love the way it celebrates older women's partnerships, inventiveness, professional acumen, and sexuality... with plot twists galore and non-stop good-natured humor."
—Judith Stanton, author of A Stallion to Die For

"Stella Fosse shows us that women standing strong together is not only possible, the outcome ensures no bastard stands a chance. It's easy to devour this witty, smart, and sexy feast, whether you are hungry or not. "
—Maria Nieto, author of Pig Behind the Bear

"Three accomplished women in their sixties discover they are enjoying the best sex of their lives with the same charming liar. Their accounts provide the erotic center of the novel—rare in fiction about women their age. This novel is an upbeat read with a happy ending."
—Ruth O. Saxton, author of The Book of Old Ladies: Celebrating Women of a Certain Age in Fiction

First Wives Club meets The Witches of Eastwick in Brilliant Charming Bastard. When three women scientists discover they are dating the same lying dilettante, who is stealing their ideas as well as their hearts, the best revenge is getting rich.

Brilliant Charming Bastard is hip romance for Boomers. Join author Stella Fosse on this sexy escapade through the San Francisco biotech scene.

The Bastard is undone by a trio of smart exes: Rose, a biology professor who still believes in romance; Joyce, a no-nonsense chemist; and Maxine, an engineer and patent lawyer at the top of her profession. Brilliant Charming Bastard is feisty romance for smart Boomers.

Stella is the nom de plume of a sixty-something writer and retired scientist who hails from San Diego, California and lives with her partner in North Carolina.

Traditionally published works include her new book (October 2021) Brilliant Charming Bastard, Aphrodite's Pen: The Power of Writing Erotica after Midlife, and work in the Dirty Old Women Anthology available at your local bookstore.

Her book, Aphrodite’s Pen: The Power of Writing Erotica after Midlife, encourages women to write and share erotic stories as a fun way to push back on ageism and sexism. As a late bloomer, Stella writes about the pleasures and absurdities of arriving at the party just when other folks are packing up to go home.

Her recent ebook series Love in Lockdown culminates with The Erotic Pandemic Ball, fantasy tales about the love lives of women in a locked down senior community. Stella publishes books and short stories in ebook form available at all mainstream vendors.

Stella Fosse has been called the “Pied Piper of erotic creativity.”

She enjoys gathering with other similarly situated women to write, grow and laugh together.

She shares her writing, as well as ideas and resources for empowering women past midlife, at You can also find Stella Fosse on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LInkedIn—please join her there.

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