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A Star and a Tear


A Star and a Tear by Stephen McCutchan

Stephen McCutchan
$14.95, paperback / $3.99, e-book
ISBN: 978-1492259794
September, 2013
Fiction: Mystery/Thriller
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Frank Sessions, a pastor in a city in North Carolina, is locked in a season of personal grief because his wife was killed in a convenience store robbery. He emerges out of that grief to assist the police in tracking down a serial rapist who has a religious fixation. To identify the rapist, Frank must first confront an embarrassing incident in his own past as well as draw upon his knowledge of the role of sexuality in the Bible. The mystery explores the symbiotic relationship between sexuality and spirituality that exists in our churches and society.

Stephen McCutchan is a Presbyterian pastor in Winston-Salem, NC. Since his retirement he has focused on both nonfiction and fiction as resources for the care of clergy. He has published six nonfiction books. He has also created two CDs as support for clergy. In his fictional works, he has published three volumes of short stories reflecting various parts of the complex mosaic of clergy life. His novel, A Star and a Tear, contains a study guide to assist both book clubs and clergy groups in discussing this relationship.

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