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Letters from Korea Book 2

Letters from Korea: Legacy of Honor Book Two by Joan Leotta

Desert Breeze Publishing
$4.99, e-book
August, 2013
Available from

Celebrates our veterans who severed in Korea and the people of the time who waited for them on the home front.

Gina has loved Sal since she was a girl. He thinks of her as a little sister—until just before he is sent to Korea. He writes regularly but his letters are full of news about a lovely Korean woman. Gina, on the home front, working in Pittsburgh’s Salk labs on the polio vaccine meets Matt, a young man who sends flowers, not just letters. A bomb in Korea, a treacherous attempt at theft at the labs and more are distractions in the path to true love for Sal and Gina.

As a writer and a performer Joan Leotta follows the same artistic vision. Creating on paper with pen, with light as pen through a camera, or onstage in performance, her artistic goal is always the same: to show the beauty of the ordinary and lift up her audience, encouraging others through pen and performance.

Leotta has been a journalist for many years. Upon retiring to Calabash, NC, she began sending out her poetry and fiction and has been blessed with some success, publishing books (fiction and nonfiction) and several short stories. Her blog is

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