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Reversal by Eric Linne

$13.99, paperback / $6.99, e-book
ISBN: 978-0-1492196549
November, 2013
Fiction—Young Adult
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Fourteen-year-old Kayla Burbadge has had one tough life. She's lost her parents, been forced to move from bustling Chicago to a small Indiana farm town, and starts high school with no friends. How tough is she? When a janitor sees her fighting an older boy who made the mistake of picking on her, the janitor offers her a unique opportunity. Reluctantly, Kayla accepts and the new kid in school becomes the first and only girl to compete in a male-dominated environment. As Kayla battles her way through her new endeavor, her self-confidence grows as she bonds with her new allies. Her emotional growth helps her connect with her new family and display empathy for other students who are suffering. In the end, she faces a final pivotal challenge—a challenge that means not only victory for her, but a job for the janitor who believed in her.

Reversal is a realistic, present-day novel which merges a coming-of-age drama with a fast-action sports story. The novel explores the themes of family, home, community, unlikely heroes, discovering one's voice, and finding equilibrium after a major life event.

Eric Linne has a BA in English from Indiana University and MA in English from University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Prior to embarking on a writing career, he worked as a consultant for community health centers nationwide and and served as Director for Home Care for the American Hospital Association. After several years as a stay-at-home father, Eric wrote his first screenplay, The Bears of Blue River, adapted from the novel of the same name. The young adult novel Reversal, which he wrote as his Master's Thesis in Children's Literature, is his debut novel. He is excited to see where Kayla's career leads.

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