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Timothy W. Tron

Bruecke to Heaven: Children of the Light

WestBow Press
$19.95, paperback
ISBN 976-1-4497-5656-7
April, 2013
Fiction: Historical
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Author Timothy W. Tron reveals the transformational power of the word of God in his new historical fiction, Bruecke to Heaven: Children of the Light (published by WestBow Press).

Set in the regions that now make up France and Italy circa 1170, Bruecke to Heaven tells the story of two of Jesus’ disciples, the journey they made into the wilderness and how the messages they purportedly received directly from God have been passed down through generations of believers.

Tron’s inspiration for Bruecke to Heaven came after he spent years researching the Waldensians, the group of Christians exiled to the valleys of the Cottian Alps who were persecuted by Roman Catholics for hundreds of years.

“After reading John Wiles’ History of Christianity, I was even more convinced there was more to the story than history was providing,” Tron explains. “I also discussed this with other individuals knowledgeable about the Waldesians and found they too questioned it, and in fact our family history could be traced back to the time of the Apostles.”

Tron’s historical epic shows how these early inhabitants of the Cottian Alps were tasked with preserving the word of God and details how they were able to pass down messages from the original apostles that would still be heard nearly 1,000 years later. Bruecke to Heaven gives a compelling account of the deliberate, meticulous preservation of God’s lasting word.

“What the reader will find in this story is purity of faith,” Tron writes. “This faith was untouched by the external forces that existed well beyond its original delivery unlike any other place on earth. This word had not been obscured by the biases of mankind.”

Timothy W. Tron lives near Goldston, NC, on a small farm with his wife, Sheryl, and two children, Jonathan and Mary. He was born in Evansville, Indiana, and spent the next sixteen years in southern Indiana, living in mostly rural areas around the historic small towns of New Harmony and Newburgh. There, he established his love for the country, which would eventually lead him back to his roots after spending four years in the Air Force and then graduating college from the University of Florida with a BSEE degree. After moving to North Carolina in 1993, he rediscovered his long-lost joy for writing and soon found God leading him to begin authoring a book.

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