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Turnings Poems of Transformation by William Johnson Everett

Wipf and Stock Publishers
$11.00, paperback
ISBN: 978-1-62032-735-7
March, 2013
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"William Everett's beautifully structured Turnings gathers together limpid poems of memory that shine like pebbles underneath the clearest flow of water, as well as poems of personal faith and theological wisdom. Rising up from the pages like long-forgotten messages, they glow in the light of Everett's language: lyrical, crystal clear, as if on the brink of turning into nothing less than song itself."
—Kathryn Stripling Byer, author of Descent and Wildwood Flower

"Everett is a master of words, fitting the right words together the way a master mason fits stones to shape beautiful structures. Poems he constructs reflect solid integrity. Readers can depend on his writing to convey thoughtful expressions, ethical conclusions, and invigorating structural styles selected to match the themes of each piece. His poetry reassures us that all good poetry does not belong to the past."
—J. C. Walkup, Penny Morse, and Buffy Queen, editors of Fresh Magazine

Like works in wood upon a lathe, these poems are word-turnings that reveal the inner grain of our human experience. They are bowls to catch our turnings of memory, conversion, falling in love, and passing through our seasons and the wrenching turns that mark our lives. Above all these turnings are a shout of praise, a murmur of wonder, a turning away from life as usual, a merciful re-turning to the songs, images, and stories that move our lives.

William Johnson Everett taught Christian social ethics for over thirty years in theological schools in the US, Germany, India, and South Africa before turning to fiction and poetry. His many books and articles in ethics were followed by an eco-centric work of historical fiction, Red Clay, Blood River (2008). His poems have appeared in Spiritus, Bay Leaves, and Fresh. Both his ethics and his poetry have tried to explore the ways we give shape and meaning to our thoughts, feelings, and actions within the mysterious powers of creativity and love that undergird our existence.

When not writing, he constructs furniture for worship settings in his home shop near Waynesville, NC. His online journal is at

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