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Senior Scribbles Unearthed by Chuck Thurston












Senior Scribbles Unearthed by Chuck Thurston

$9.95, paperback / $2.99 e-book
ISBN: 978-1480229716
November, 2012
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“Chuck Thurston is one of those rare writers who, like Mark Twain, leads you off in one direction only to deliver you somewhere else, and it is always somewhere you find fascinating."
—Hesh Kestin, author of The Iron Will of Shoeshine Cats

You are sure to discover something in these tales—about yourself, your friends and relatives—perhaps even a favorite pet. They are all “tall and true”—as Chuck Thurston describes them. Originally published as newspaper columns in a number of small dailies, Thurston has “unearthed” this collection for first time book publication. A senior himself, he understands and empathizes with his cohort as we all march into maturity carrying our memories and recollections—sometimes with dignity, and often laced with a little silliness that helps us get through our golden years. There is plenty of humor here, and a little nostalgia; perhaps even a bit of wisdom that the author claims he probably doesn’t deserve, but “will gratefully accept.” Thurston wants those sneaking up on his age, or growing apace with him, to read and say “Gee—I have been through that too...I know just how that feels!” These tales aren’t just for the “over the hill” crowd by any means, though. Younger readers may gain some insight into what makes the inhabitants of “wrinkle city” (as one of his granddaughters so elegantly put it once) think and do the way they do. Thurston doesn’t grind any political, religious or philosophical axes, and advises readers looking for stern opinions on those topics to get their feathers ruffled elsewhere. He may, though, ponder at the ironies of the universe. Read these Scribbles, and you may be pondering with him.

Chuck Thurston is one of five boys—no girls—raised on a small farm in Pennsylvania. If you think that this is a formula that guarantees a dearth of early social skills, you are absolutely right. He served in the United States Coast Guard, and flew in search and rescue seaplanes. If you think this is a formula that guarantees one a realist's view of mortality—you're two for two. He spent over thirty years at IBM, with many assignments from electronics technician to programmer to manager. In earlier days, in between times, and in later years he has been: a turret lathe operator in a factory; a newspaper reporter and columnist; a pick and shovel grunt for a landscaping company; an instructor for North Carolina State University in their Industrial Extension Service. He has a BS from Elmira (NY) College, and graduate degrees from SUNY Geneseo and Appalachian State University. He is married to Heidi Wibroe Thurston —a big city girl (Copenhagen, Denmark). If you think that a union of this nature might lead to certain, want to go for the trifecta? The happy couple lives in Kannapolis, North Carolina. Their three children are grown with families of their own, and have contributed seven grandchildren to the mix. And you think there aren't stories to be had here?

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