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Another F-Word: A Novel by Lissa Brown

Kindle, $6.99 / Paperback, $15.95
ISBN: 978-1481908450
January, 2013
Available at

Gentle Rory Calhoun Wilson is the antithesis of the 1950s cowboy he’s named for. He loathes sports, NASCAR, and everything else his father adores, putting the two on a collision course fueled by Darrell Wilson’s inability to control contempt for his son’s emerging homosexuality. Another F-Word is a story of bullying, courage, and love. It examines parental struggles to support a gay child, the role that schools and religious institutions play, the tragedy of teen suicide, and the ability of a rural Bible Belt boy to remain open to people who can influence his life in remarkable ways. Rory’s is a story of triumph over the scarring effects of being labeled and bullied.

Each of Lissa Brown’s careers has contributed to her current one, full-time author. She gained insight into adolescent behavior as a high school teacher and honed her writing skills and sense of the absurd during award-winning careers in marketing and public relations. She’s been a media consultant to gubernatorial and legislative campaigns, a columnist, and speechwriter for public officials and corporate executives. She is the author of a humorous memoir, a young adult novel, and several published articles and essays. Another F-Word is her latest novel.

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