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Senior Scribbles: Second Dose by Chuck Thurston

Second Wind Publishing
$9.99, paperback
ISBN: 978-1-938101915
January, 2014
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"Chuck Thurston is one of those rare writers who…..leads you off in one direction only to deliver you somewhere else, and it is always somewhere you find fascinating……because, though Thurston seems to be writing about himself, he turns out to be writing about you……with such generous respect for the reader that you feel both welcome and in awe, as though you've been invited into someone else's home, and through its windows is new world.

"In the same manner, these pieces redefine nostalgia…..normally presented in print as a treacly memorial to the better that once was. Thurston gently pooh-poohs this, demonstrating that the only value of the past is to bring value to the present and, rather subtly, to point to a future we need not fear.

"This then is the book you buy for a cynical friend who sees no value other than survival, and it is the book you buy for yourself when you realize your friend is not alone. Senior Scribbles.…is not an emotional is a why to. Through laid-back humor and the sense that only what is important is important, Chuck Thurston manages to shine a gentle light on his life. That brightness illuminates ours.
—Hesh Kestin, author, The Iron Will Of Shoeshine Cats

In this series of insightful, humorous essays, Chuck Thurston delights, informs and inspires his readers. This second in a series of wide-ranging vignettes is full of misdirection, nostalgia, personal insight, warmth and beautiful writing.

Chuck Thurston is one of five brothers raised on a small farm in Pennsylvania. He served in the United States Coast Guard and flew in search and rescue seaplanes. He spent over thirty years at IBM. In earlier days, in between times, and in later years he has been: a turret lathe operator in a factory; a newspaper reporter and columnist; a pick and shovel grunt for a landscaping company; an instructor for North Carolina State University in their Industrial Extension Service. He has a BS from Elmira (NY) College, and graduate degrees from SUNY Geneseo and Appalachian State University. He is married to Heidi Wibroe Thurston from Copenhagen, Denmark. The couple lives in Kannapolis, North Carolina. Their three children are grown with families of their own, and have contributed seven grandchildren—and two greats—to the mix. He has published columns, editorials, and essays in many newspapers and periodicals. Senior Scribbles: Second Dose is his second book in this series. His first, Senior Scribbles Unearthed, is available on Amazon.

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