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Me Now - Who Next? (The Inspiring Story of a Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery) by Bill Ramsey

Lifeswrite Press
$14.95, paperback / $4.99, e-book
January, 2014
Available at

Angela Leigh Tucker had not expected death that day. Newlywed, thirty years old and a successful public relations professional, she and her husband were driving home when a semi-truck hurtled over the lane divider and crushed their SUV. Her husband died on impact. She was left hanging onto life by a thin, golden thread. With her brain severely injured and her neck, shoulder, and ribs broken, she had instantly lost everything but her will to live.

In the two years following the crash, with the help of doctors, therapists, friends and family, she fought to recover and to rebuild an entirely new life. This is the inspiring story of her recovery.

Today, Angela lives independently in New York City. The injury transformed her life in many surprising and positive ways. Today, she is an advocate for millions of people who have survived and now live with their own brain injury. She has "been there" and her experience informs and inspires us all.  

During his forty year professional career, Bill Ramsey wrote technical manuals, magazine articles, and business newsletters. Retired and living in the mountains of western North Carolina, he now focuses his writing on real-life topics. This is the most recent of his books. Learn of the others at "Meeting Angela for the first time just weeks after her tragic crash inspired me to research the topic of traumatic brain injury and to focus on her unrelenting and spirited battle to survive and recover. She is an amazing teacher and an inspiration. Writing about her has changed my life. Reading about her can change your life too."

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