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Blood & Parcels by T.Q. Bernier

Lulu Publishing
$23.99, paperback / $3.99, e-book
ISBN: 978-1-4834-0438-7 (pb) / 978-1-4834-0439 (e-book)
January, 2014
Family Saga/Drama
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"Blood & Parcels is a wonderfully conceived and eloquently orchestrated epic tale of one family’s generational journey through time. Masterfully and skillfully rendered characters are weaved in a story with extraordinary vivid details set in the 1800s and culminating in the present, punctuated with intense familial love and loyalty. It is engaging and captivating in its totality, leaving the reader thirsty for more. Every so often, amid the throngs of published authors, there emerges a talent so pure that it cannot be perceived as anything other than brilliant. Bravo!"
—Marie Rose Rivera, Stay-at-Home Mom and Entrepreneur

"T.Q. Bernier’s novel, Blood & Parcels, takes the reader on a journey through history filled with adventure and intrigue. With stories of honor, betrayal, love found and love lost, and finally to a place of redemption. Her characters are highly complex. As she develops the multiple layers to their personalities, the reader is consumed with a sense of urgency to know what happens next. You are caught up in the trials, tribulations and sheer will for survival of these characters. Their sense of honor and loyalty to family runs deep through this narrative. For someone whose family history in many ways follows a similar path, it was fascinating to get caught up in familiar places and surnames. A true testament to this great adventure is that the author leaves you wanting more....Congratulations, T.Q. Bernier!! From an American woman, who as well, is so proud of her French Caribbean Heritage. Well Done!"
—Rosemarie Danet Correa, RFID Project Manager, United Space Alliance, Kennedy Space Center and President of Florida French Connection

"I have just finished reading Blood & Parcels, and 'Wow' is all I can say. I was thoroughly captivated by the characters, absorbed right into the times and places, felt the pain, the love, and the joy. T.Q. Bernier, I want more! I can’t wait for your next novel. I definitely recommend Blood & Parcels to everyone for a fabulous read."
—Marilyn Pearson, Business Owner, Appliances Plus

Catherine never anticipates that her marriage to Jonah Dusant would be a death blow to the Dusant business empire. Amid the heat of a brewing war between nineteenth-century Germany and France, her union with the powerful family exposes deadly secrets. From the high court of France to the pristine shores of the U.S. Virgin Islands, Blood and Parcels crosses five generations and spans a continent to tell the story of the inescapable bonds of family and ancestral duty. It weaves a riveting tale of love, lust, daunting loss, difficult decisions, betrayal and murder.

Of French, Caribbean descent, T.Q. Bernier was born in St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands. She worked in the banking industry specializing in mortgage loan underwriting and retired in 2012 from one of the largest banks in the U.S. and British Virgin Islands to pursue her writing career. She and her husband, James, have three children and reside in Cary, North Carolina.

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