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 Vice Versa by Allen D. Cowan

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$14.00, paperback / $3.99, e-book
ISBN: 978-1494875732
March, 2014
Fiction: Detective
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“I alternated between laughing until my ribs hurt and cringing. Albe gets himself into some hilarious predicaments.”
—Dr. Vivian B. Lord, author and former instructor at the North Carolina Justice Academy

"This book is a great ride through the amazing mind and imagination of Allen Cowan. The characters you meet along the way are well worth the price of admission."
—Roger Flessing, former senior vice president, PTL

"Albe takes us on a frolicking ride through the sexy underbelly of a city imitating Atlanta."
—Frye Gaillard, author and writer in residence, University of South Alabama

A humorous, audacious, irreverent detective tale of greed and getting off.

Just how far will lawyers, preachers, and other crooked characters go to satisfy their desires? Find out in the irreverent new novel, Vice Versa.

Author Allen D. Cowan turned his twenty-five years as a PI into this outrageous story that will appeal to readers of Carl Hiaasen and Elmore Leonard.

Albe de Hammer is a PI trying to nail a blackmailer who’s got a TV preacher by the short hairs. One of his pals is double-crossing him. And he’s got woman trouble that gets worse when he goes “undercover” to crack a case.

Allen D. Cowan, a University of Florida graduate with a degree in journalism, has worked as an investigative reporter at The Orlando Sentinel, The St. Petersburg Times, The Charlotte Observer, and the military newspaper in Germany, Stars and Stripes. In 1974, Mr. Cowan was named Reporter of the Year in Florida. One of his articles about greyhound racing was part of a package that became a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize. In 1986, the National Association of Realtors awarded him first prize and $1,000 for his investigative series on land-sales scandals in the United States. His training includes a NEH fellowship studying law at The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, two weeks of intensive investigative reporting at the American Press Institute in Reston, Virginia, and more than 10,000 hours of on-the-job sleuthing. While at The Observer, Mr. Cowan's reporting helped lead to the downfall of TV evangelist Jim Bakker's PTL empire. Since 1989, Mr. Cowan has been licensed by the State of North Carolina as a PI. He has worked on behalf of rapists, pedophiles, murderers, and a host of other sordid characters. Mr. Cowan resides in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he is an occasional guest lecturer at UNCC. He lives with his wife, Vivian, and their wonder dog, Gretchen.

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