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Good Rockin' Tonight by Steve Yount

Wry Whiskey Press
$9.99, paperback / $3.98, e-book
ISBN: 978-0615749433
December, 2013
Historical Fiction
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By the time Cody Hunter's parents rescued their son from the honky-tonk life, Cody had gained such insight into the human condition that there was very little reason to believe he would ever by satisfied with singing "Hail to Rockton High" at the homecoming football game, holding a steady job, tithing, or saving redeemable coupons to purchase patio/lawn furniture. In short, the odds were surpassing long that young Hunter would ever develop into a respectable citizen. The die was cast in lead, the mold discarded, for even the Angels despair of redeeming souls cursed to live out their teen-age fantasies.

Steve Yount's previous novel, Wandering Star, was published by Ballantine Books in hardback and soft-cover. He previously taught "Beginning Your Novel" at Duke Continuing Studies and continues to hold a writer's group in Raleigh. Steve previously worked as a film archivist at the Humanities Research Center at the University of Texas, and as an archivist at the Lyndon Johnson Presidential Library, Austin, Texas. He holds degrees from Appalachian State University and the University of Texas--Austin.

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