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Icy Shadows by Rob Robertson










Icy Shadows by Rob Roberston

Warren Publishing
$17.95, paperback
ISBN: 978-0-9960506-9-2
April, 2014
Fiction: Crime
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"The agent knelt down to look at the surreal artificial simian and beheld one of the most bizarre sights he'd ever come across in his career as a law enforcer. No, it was not the goriest sight he had ever witnessed, nor was it the kind of thing that startles or repulses a person with a sudden, gut-wrenching jolt. Instead, it was the creepy little stuff of which childhood dreams are made, dreams of an ilk that can be filed away in the subconscious alongside evil clown faces, wicked dolls, and grotesque puppets coming to life, the sort of weirdness that slowly burns in one's soul, leaving behind a wrenching residue of tucked-away fears waiting to surface during an unplanned solitude."

Small, southern towns are known for their hospitality, fried foods, and eccentric citizens. Set against the backdrop of the hip and happening '70s, Rob Robertson's first book in the Jet Jericho series packs a wallop of a mystery.

In a community of small-town farmers, SBI Agent Jet Jericho sticks out like an atheist at a Baptist barbeque with his expensive car and tailored suits. Someone has brutally murdered a beloved citizen in Icy Springs. Jericho is assigned to the case and the flashy, cheeseburger-loving outsider finds it's not so easy working with local law enforcement or the bizarre residents of Icy Springs.

With a pack of Kool cigarettes as his only lead amidst the surreal ramblings of Icy Springs' resident eyewitnesses, Jericho must get the killer before the killer gets him.

Robertson describes the novel as a quirky twist on crime drama: "A novel of mystery and intrigue laced with action and spiced with equal doses of humor and romance."

Icy Shadows is the first in a series called The Jericho Trilogy. Robertson has begun work on the sequel, The Blue People, to be followed by Gin!.

Dr. Rob Robertson is an author, educator, musician, and researcher. Having won numerous awards as an educator, Robertson was one of a handful of pioneers in the field of gerontological music. Being a concert pianist and former master of gymnastic stunts, Rob considers himself a "Renaissance man." He currently resides in Salisbury, North Carolina.

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