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You've Got Verve, Jamie Ireland! by Lisa Otter Rose

$9.99, paperback / $5.99, e-book
ASIN: 1484800702
March, 2014
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"A must read for anyone with learning issues. Beautifully written! I am recommending this book to all the children in my practice."
—Dr. Michael Hart, author of Your Child Restored: The Path from Suffering to Success

So far, fifth grade is off to a rotten start for ten-year-old Jamie Ireland. Her best friend, Alexanna, moves away, and not just across town—she's now 818 miles away from Jamie's home in Westcott, North Carolina. She might as well be on the moon. Jamie’s spelling tests are a disaster. She reads well, but when she tries to write, her brain seems to shut down. It's like the letters have turned into a big jumble of spaghetti noodles that she can’t untangle. To make matters worse, Daniel, the meanest bully in school, is making Jamie's life miserable, and sticking out her tongue at "Dan-evil" doesn't even faze him. It has the opposite effect.

Pretty much the only time Jamie enjoys school is during the recess races, but even here she's running into obstacles. No matter how fast she runs, her best is usually fourth place.

Jamie would never guess a "ghost" in her attic, a dead man's bones, a learning disability test, and a baking contest could help her solve her spelling troubles and show her how to deal with Dan-evil, but sometimes solutions show up in the most unexpected places.

Told, in part through entries in Jamie's diary, You've Got Verve, Jamie Ireland! shows how through creativity, determination, and yes, plenty of verve that Jamie can overcome her problems as she triumphs over Dan-evil, her best friend's move, and her learning disability. And along the way she makes some new friends. As for verve, Jamie now spells it Vegetable pie, Egg, Rice-a-roni, Vegetable pie, Egg.

Lisa Otter Rose is a writer and visual journalist. She appreciates how creativity, determination, and courage play key roles in every child's development. Like Jamie, Lisa and her children have learning disabilities. She has experienced firsthand the frustration that undiagnosed learning disorders bring, and then the relief that proper diagnosis and intervention offer. Lisa, who has always loved books and knows the power of story, has crafted a funny and realistic character, Jamie Ireland, who defies any label. Lisa lives in North Carolina with her husband, Gary, and their three children. She's a member of SCWBI. Please visit her Twitter page:

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