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A Mother Knows Her Child by Linda Beatrice Brown

Women and Wisdom Press
$9.00, paperback
ISBN: 978-0-9888937-2-6
July, 2014
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"This is not a Mary removed from the struggle of womankind. This is the earthly mother who models surrender to her spiritual mission even when her heart is breaking."
—Gloria Karpinski

"Mary was willing to be impregnated by the word of God. The poetic and deeply prophetic words of Linda Beatrice Brown in A Mother Knows Her Child have the power to impregnate us with the word that Mary knew. Dr. Brown has offered us a profound gift."
—The Rev Canon Dr. Henry L. Atkins, Jr.

A Mother Knows Her Child consists of twelve poems that give us a new perspective on the role of Mary the mother of Jesus. We experience Mary as she observes with keen insight, the reactions of those around her, during the universal drama. The poems give an imaginative vision of Mary's struggle, wisdom, and deep love. The poems explore a dimension of Mother Mary that has not been fully explored, her very human self. As women come into their own in our time, they are being met with violent resistance at every turn. The author has given us a way to see the Divine Feminine and to affirm this power in ourselves.

Linda Beatrice Brown is the author of thee novels and numerous poems, plays, short stories and essays. Her latest novel is Black Angels, a novel for young people set in the Civil War. A retired professor of African American Literature, Linda graduated form Bennett College in 1961 where she took part in the sit-ins. She has written for such publications as The Black Scholar and Religion and Intellectual Life. Her book, Belles of Liberty, published in 2013, grew out of her lifelong decision to speak out for justice and equality. Linda's latest publication is a collection of poems, A Mother Knows Her Child.

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