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The Man Who Would Not Die by Paul Andrews

$6.99, e-book
ISBN: 978-1-310547652
August, 2014
Fiction: Historical/Mystery
Available from

Who is Count Saint-Germain? A mysterious, ageless adventurer who dabbles in alchemy, composes operas, and spies for kings. Gifted with extraordinary longevity, he is forever entwined in pivotal events ... but only from the shadows. Throughout the eighteenth century he always appears the same, a striking gentleman between thirty to forty years.

He was Francis Rakoczi, exiled Hungarian prince. Falsely accused by the Inquisition, he is forced to surrender all, including his only love. He searches the world instead, desperately seeking answers to a greater destiny. But those who betrayed him will not get off scot free. For time is now on his side, and the clock is ticking for his enemies.

American author Paul Andrews was born and raised in the mountains of rural Pennsylvania. He has been writing short stories, novels and novellas for over twenty years. While his heart lies with historical mysteries and thrillers, he has also dabbled in science fiction, romance and even the paranormal. The Man Who Would Not Die is first novel, but he has many other stories to tell. Paul has a graduate degree from Rutgers University and spent many successful years as a R&D project manager. After working for a time in Manhattan and Washington D.C, he slowly migrated south to warmer climes. He now works, lives and writes in North Carolina with his wife, their two children, and two cats.

Paul Andrews has also e-published two novellas--historical thrillers/love stories: Firebrands set during the Great Chicago Fire, and Swept Away during the 1889 Johnstown Flood. Both are available at Amazon, Smashwords, and other e-Book retailers.

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