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This River: An Epic Love Poem by Judy Hogan

Watersong/Ariadne Books (an imprint of Wild Embers Press)
$14, paperback
December, 2014
Available from the author (see below) or from the publisher

"This River holds our hands up to the magic in the dark moon with figurative language that pulls shards of tenderness from a world that is bloody with sting of sunlit longing and a psychic quest for redemption. These poems resurrect an ancient enchanted necklace worn by a herstorical aching that Judy Hogan bears into utterance.

“This collection is a meditation on time, memory, and the fleeting nature of life. Decoding the threads of aching and the heart of the language of two separate rivers is at the core of This River. These poems are a beautiful terrain forming the powerful backdrop for the magnificence of fragility.

“Part primordial, part philosophical, powerful story inhabiting fluid boundaries between hearts, breaking the pedestrian parameters of space, time, and sensory experiences….This River is a lesson for weaving the baskets that are needed for carrying water to the Light."
—Jaki Shelton Green, author of Feeding the Light, 2014 North Carolina Literary Hall of Fame inductee

"In This River the speaker’s observations of nature are liquid with impassioned drive. The phrases in this poem are smooth flowing, and this fluency in language seems a reflection of the river where she studies and meditates. Each eddy, and bird, and leaf is clearly drawn and vital to the sense of place and self. Identities of the self and qualities of desire are pulled into her observations and transformations and move us as the river moves."
—Foster Foreman, author of Soundings and Co-Editor of Hyperion Poetry Journal and Thorp Springs Press

"In This River, Judy Hogan takes paths forged by Proust and Virginia Woolf down and in to the deepest most nuanced passages of the soul. Using a great Piedmont river as matter, metaphor, and muse she shows one woman’s transcendent journey beyond vulnerability to a place of abiding grace. This River is not only beautiful poetry, but a compelling story as well."
—Joanie McLean, author of Place and Up From Dust

From the preface:

“When I left Kostroma after my first Sister Cities of Durham visit in 1990, my host, Mikhail, and I had the mayor’s blessing to start exchange visits between our writers, and I had also fallen in love with this man who opened Russian culture to me and seemed my equal and my soul-mate in all the ways that mattered. I could tell that he loved me, too, but would never leave his wife and his sons. As we waited for our train back to Moscow, Mikhail said, ‘One day, Judy, we will each have a wing and we’ll fly somewhere together.’

“Perhaps it was the largest passion of my life, after my desire to write. It is the time, however, to share this whole story. May it illumine other souls as it did ours.”

This River may be ordered from Judy Hogan, PO Box 253, Moncure, NC 27559 for $15, to pick up, or $18 to be mailed. If you order two copies, it's $30 to pick up and $33 to be mailed.

Judy Hogan is a poet, a former student of Greek philosophy at UC, Berkeley (back "in the day"), was founding editor of both Hyperion Journal and Carolina Wren Press. Her early books are still available on their backlist, and on their webpages you can also find a fabulous history of Judy's work as a writer and publishing advocate...a lively reflection on the times before digital publishing, a time when women and people of color were coming into print, with support and conviction.

Working within the Durham, North Carolina writing community since the mid 1970s, Hogan is nonetheless best known for her efforts in the second wave of Feminism which brought women into the "national publishing world" during that era. Her writings and papers were recently archived at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.

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