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Converging Waters by Sam Love

Nexus Poetry Media
$12.95, paperback
ISBN: 978-1-502367785
January, 2015
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"Sam has a great sense of humor, no small thing in poetry where everybody is VERY serious. I’m still laughing at some of the poems."
—Peter Makuck, Distinguished Professor Emeritus at East Carolina University

"Reading Converging Waters is like taking a guided tour of places you have forgotten to think about. The poems are delectably short, served up as a rotating menu of thoughtful snacks or well-seasoned appetizers. Most will leave a smile on your lips or, if they’re serious, a question mark filling a surprising void."
—Alan Welch, New Bern poet

New Bern’s converging rivers, historic houses, and contemporary fads play a major role is shaping the insightful and witty poetry in a new book, Converging Waters, by author Sam Love.

This title emerges from his poem "New Bern Nexus" where he writes: "Converging waters often birth sacred places, places that pry open beleaguered souls."

Many of his poems will make you smile. His poem "The Perfect Holiday Meal" pokes fun at fad diets that create a cook’s nightmare. To the author no subject is sacred. For example in "Downstream Loop," we follow the journey of a carelessly tossed plastic bag through the ecosystem to its return back to us as part of our food chain. Even the tragedy of a neighbor losing his hunting dog and being left with his wife’s poodles can inspire a story poem. In "A Real Man’s Dog" the good ol’ boy attempts to train his wife’s poodle to be his hunting dog.

"I like to explore the interconnections surrounding a single event or object so that we can gain new clarity about our world," Sam said. "For example in my poem "Blueberry Mourning" one blueberry in my cereal inspired me to write a poem exploring the miles per gallon of a blueberry traveling from Chile to my bowl in New Bern."

Sam Love is a writer living in New Bern. His nonfiction articles have been published in major magazines including, Smithsonian and Washingtonian. He is the author of two novels, Electric Honey and Snap Factor. He is one of the organizers of the First Tuesday Poetry Open Mike in New Bern.

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